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Individual Therapy


Traditional and Non-Traditional Elements

My primary work is within the therapist-client relationship. The relational patterns we have in the world will also show up within the therapy. I work with these patterns, helping to illuminate the old ways while bringing new choices to light.  

I also work with the body and mind. Sometimes talking about our problems is not enough. We can get stuck continually re-hashing habitual thoughts and beliefs.  Meditative practices and body awareness can get us beyond anxiety or mental chatter, helping us to find insight and to create deeper knowing. 

I am also interested in the existential. We all grapple with understanding our deeper place in life, our purpose, our relationship to life and death, and the deeper meaning behind the stories of our lives. I am interested in exploring how we make meaning of our lives. How do we change, grow and adapt our stories over time? How do we relate to being alive, to being human, to being part of a culture, gender, race, or tribe? How do we find our place within the greater stories? I am interested in these questions and more. 

Different modes of therapy can provide ways for us to be present, to be open to giving and receiving, to be genuine and vital, to find true purpose and meaning, and to be in authentic relationship with ourselves and others.

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